About me

About Writing-me:

lula avila

I won the special prize at the Bodegas Paternina Short-story contest at La Rioja, Spain. Here is the video of my story being read during the ceremony: El encantador de letras

I have a couple of Micro-stories on this book: microRELATOS

And i have a story here: In-flight literary magazine

And another one on spanish at La Tundra magazine: La Tundra – Danza del venado

About Real-me:

IMG-5545I’m a 20-something mexican girl currently living in Guadalajara.

And i swear i become a different person each time something as simple as  the weather changes.

So you see, if i start i’d have to tell you about France-me and Brazil-me and Winter/Spring/Summer-me, and of course don’t forget about InLove-me that comes around every once in a while and screws everything up.

All the people i write about are real. The stories and the names might not be 100% accurate, but all these people came in to my life at one point and changed it.

Now most of them are gone from it, or too far away.

Which is why i write. To remember everyone. To keep them all in a place were i will always be able to find them and remember how i loved them, even after they are gone for good.

All stories are love stories. Has anyone famous said that yet? Someone should have…


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