Safe words


People talk
People LOVE to talk
Sentences come out of their mouths like endless rain.

And it makes me wish that words had weight, and colors, and that we could touch them.
Maybe even grab them, and hide them somewhere.

If we knew where they were,
if we kept them safe and locked and they couldn’t escape,
Maybe everyone will finally only speak truths.

Because people talk.
They love to!
They never stop!

But words last the same time on this earth as a snowflake.
And as soon as their lips stop moving,
They begin to forget what they said.



4 thoughts on “Safe words

  1. Lovely to see you back with some of your delightful poetry. It’s interesting to think about, because in an everyday sense you are exactly right. But then there are many words that last, words that do inspire and move people to actions, whether for good or bad. The words that mean the most do tend to be more than words though. They emanate from the mouths of those who practice what they preach. They are the one’s who embody their words and their words are merely an expression of themselves. And of course their are con men and women whose words will actions from their followers but do not do as they say. Those words don’t stand the test of time, but can still cause extreme harm in the short term. I guess in the end, honesty and meaning in words must translate to honesty and meaning in our actions.

    1. Yeah that’s true, some words do stay with us forever, but sometimes the person who said them stops thinking and feeling that way, like a little fragment of a story that i posted a way back i don’t know if you remember it:

      “A famous artist is approached by a student. “You don’t remember me,” the student says correctly, “but years ago you said something that changed my life. You said, ‘Photography is death.’ After that,” says the student, “I threw out my camera. I began again. I want to thank you for changing my life.”

      “Leave me alone,” says the artist. “Photography is life.”

      Because that person is not the same person who said that, so what happens then? who owns the words?

      haha it’s just a thought i had, thanks for reading 🙂 i missed writing, hope to be back around here more often

      1. That’s a great story and so true. Ultimately we are ever changing creatures in an everchanging world…things can’t be the same from moment to moment. I guess we can only be thankful to find meaning in things at any moment in time that inspire us to do more. 🙂

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