Old happy stars


Do you remember when you were a kid?

And every shinny thing in the sky looked like a star?

I would spend hours staring, even before it became dark, just so i could catch the first one.

When did stars become boring?

When did i stopped searching for them?

I need them back.

I need all those stars i found when i was a girl.

And the wishes i made on them too.

And the people that was by my side.

I need all the things i left behind…


7 thoughts on “Old happy stars

  1. Beautiful as always Lula. Do you think it’s those specific things that you are missing, or is it more a yearning for a sense of wonder in your life? As I watch my son grow there are so many things that are wondrous to him now, that I know will become common place and it will become less wondrous over time. Maybe this is why variety is the spice of life, because we can’t help but become desensitized to things that are always around us. Of course it is still awe inspiring I think to gaze at the stars, but we do tend to lose that anticipation and excitement as you point out eloquently in your poem in just waiting for them to appear. I think part of the problem is that everyday life in the “civilized” world tends to be spent doing chore and routine things and we lose our free time to explore new things and as a result time passes without even noticing. I definitely feel the same way at times.

    1. Yeah i miss the way i used to feel. Christmas, vacations, birthdays, going to a new friends house for the first time or even the end of the school year, were this “magical” things that i would spend all year longing for. Even the future used to feel like a magical time that i would never reach.

      1. That’s true I have pondered several times in the last decade how there are no surprises anymore in life. But then at the same time, bad things to tear me down the way they used to other. Perhaps that’s just the trade off for getting older. I do experience joy at some pretty complex and deep things that never would have brought me happiness before. I guess I just try to focus on the joys that each stage of life brings me and try not to look back too much. But it’s easy to get lost in thoughts of simpler times. 🙂

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