Bruna’s doll house


Bruna stopped believing on people the night her mother died.

Humans were so fragile; she needed something real to hold.

Her father stopped believing on families the night his wife died.

He looked down at the messy blonde child and couldn’t find any place to fit her in now that the mother was gone.

He hired a nanny and moved on.


Growing up with no heroes around Bruna began to believe on things.

She doesn’t feel anymore.

She has.

She has the nicest house, she has concert tickets, she has Channel.

These things she can count, touch, she can understand.


Her father spends some nights talking to an old wedding picture:

“I miss you.

We need to talk about your daughter.

We need to talk about the things i know nothing about”

But morning comes and his old pain gets drowned on his pills and endless meetings.


They only face each other at breakfast.

Both of them sit very straight, wearing white and gray.

They are quiet, they rarely eat.

Two survivors of very different wars.


She scrolls through her cell phone, he reads the news.

They hold on to the things on their hands.

Not noticing the person in front is barely holding on to life.


9 thoughts on “Bruna’s doll house

  1. This is so very human, such reactions. Especially in men considering they are often raised to not show their emotions. They end up suppressing it so much that they end up not feeling, not showing, and forgetting how to really love. Thankfully it is more human to also grieve and really feel that pain so we can love again. I think what’s important is that we remind people, all people, that it’s okay to hurt and to feel. That the pain one feels is only equal to the love that one feels as well. Though someone you loved might be gone, this world is full of people looking for love and if you have the capacity to give it, then the world needs you. It could be that your very own daughter needs you. This poem breaks my heart, but it is only a testament to your skill as a poet. Thank you for writing such touching words Lula. ❤

    1. I love how you find such deep meaning on everything. Sadly i think some people never really recover from losing their soulmate. I’ve seen old couples like that, couples that have created worlds of their own so tight not even their own children can enter them.

  2. It’s true. I personally think that part of the problem is this concept of a soulmate. I think it is overall harmful. When we believe in it too strongly it sets us up only for disappointment when someone doesn’t live up to these expectations, it keeps us searching for a perfection that might not exist, and if the unknown forces of the world take that person from us we become lost since we believe that there is nobody else out there for us. Love is designed to make us feel like the person we love is far more important than anyone else, but in a world of 7 billion people it just seems foolish to believe that somehow there is only one person out there for us. And in the case of our children though your love for let’s say you wife might be different than a child’s love for their mother, there is still much more in common between the two than there is different. It still hurts both terribly, it still gives both a great sense of loss, there are still wonderful things about that person who is gone that both will miss. Sure one has an element of romance while the other does not, but there is also friendship and attachment which is very similar, and through time is ultimately the stronger one than romance in my opinion. That shared grief should bring two people closer than to move them further apart.

  3. Oh – how sad.
    They both are missing out on so much from each other from the loss of a loved one that was so close & meaningful to them. I would hope that they could find a way to support & lean on each other sooner than later. Or – they both lose. :/

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