Daniel, population 1


Daniel takes long walks.

One time he crossed Buenos Aires on one day.

He walks for hours. Because he likes to. It’s also good for him, good for his body, good for his mind.

Isn’t it? Of course it is!

He also talks to himself.

He asks questions and then answers them.

Sometimes he’s funny and he makes himself laugh outloud.


Daniel lives alone, and eats alone, and walks alone.

But it’s just because it’s his choice.

Isn’t it?

Well, of course it is!

He makes all his choices.

He also doesn’t trust people much.

He was betrayed when he was younger, and he never forgot.

Girls smell nice and they’re okay, but sometimes they have long nails that could tear his life apart.

And he’s been working years on creating this world for one.

Can’t take that risk.

Girls are okay, he keeps them close, but not too close.

They can walk along with him as long as they stay a few meters away.

As long as they don’t touch him.

They can sleep on his bed as long as they stay on their side.

Have breakfast on his kitchen, as long as they don’t keep their organic shit on his fridge.

And feminine hygiene thingies are out of the question. No. NOPE.

When he’s not walking or dating he’s overworking.

He just finished a big project, he buys a good wine.

Congratulates himself.

He’s great

Isn’t he? Of course he is!

He drinks the whole bottle, alone.

This is a good life, right? Of course! He’s the best! look around, look at all the nice things he has on his flat.

He’s half drunk and he feels good.

He pats his own shoulder.

He wonders if that is the feeling that people with friends get.

But that he can’t answer.

The problem with worlds for one is that they end up being spheres so small that no matter which way you go, or how much you walk, you always end up at the same place.

And with the same person.

He needs another bottle of wine.

Doesn’t he?

Yes, he does…


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