We live in a world where planes crash.


I was raised to believe that life was a straigh road. That all i had to do was follow certain rules, climb certains stairs, and everything i wanted would be mine, yeah, something like this: life

Only to discover as i lived that the road to life goes something more like this:


As if life was not complicated and messy enough. We live in a world were planes crash.

Planes crash, and cars crash, and trains, and motorcycles, and buses, bikes, and well, everything that moves crashes. And the people you love are moving all the time.

You can drive yourself crazy just thinking about it.

And there is more: wars (always one, somewhere), natural disasters, new viruses with no cure, what about a meteor suddenly falling over your bed one night? (Used to be terrified of that as a kid)

So we live in a world that not only is a bitch, but also could kill us at any minute.

See how complicated it already is? All these important things i should be caring about! and all i can think about is you.

They could happen to anyone, but i only worry about they happening to you. I only worry about you being safe.

Then some other times i wish a plane would just crash on your face…

Because as i said; everything that moves crashes, so humans, of course, end up crashing into each other.

All this fancy ways to get hurt (Imagine if that meteor thing really happened, i bet i could make the papers) and i end up crashing into you. Who left me there and ran away.

So i really don’t waste my time anymore worring about all the possible ways something could just fall from the sky and kill me, because the thing that hurts a human the most, is another human.

Because in human crashes, no matter how bad it was, not matter how hurt you got, you keep on living. You have to keep wake up every morning and do everything you used to do, ignoring that feeling that something is broken, that you now have a hole.

Love is like accidents sometimes: terminal, and nobody’s fault.

It would be hypocritical to worry about all this fatal things that could happen when we actually go around looking for love, that hurts more than any of that.

So i don’t worry about anything anymore. And i simply wrote your name on the list of mishaps i’ve survived.


7 thoughts on “We live in a world where planes crash.

  1. As the tag line to my blog says, I prefer to think of life having lots of intersections. Sometimes there are accidents, but it also a perfect place to meet people. Even though they might have been going in different directions you are lucky enough to meet at that intersection and they might travel with you, or you travel with them. Maybe at another intersection you will part ways again, so all you can do is try to enjoy the journey, whether it is with someone or you are just on your own wondering at the world around you!

    1. That being your words always hit close to the heart as you express your emotions in such a raw and honest way. I agree with the person above that you should be nominated for a creative blogger award!

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