Mael’s dad has no sons.

1499490_10152066146109469_1876200398_n (2)

Mael’s dad right now could be swimming or playing golf or buying new pants.
He could be doing anything.
For Mael’s dad doesn’t really have a son.
Mael is at the same place everyday.
A day off is out of the question.
So many things to do, so much responsabilities.
He wants to be a doctor.
And first things first.
They have the same eyes, but look at things in completely diferent ways.
(Funny how the same blood created such different things)
They have the same height and the same strenght, but they use it on opposite ways.
Mael wants to change the world.
He works with kids who have his same unanswered questions.
He doesn’t have any answers either but he undestands.
Mael’s dad wants to change his car again this year.
He dates girls too young to ask questions.
He wonders if he should go back to Rome or France, he needs a change.
He left his son to follow happiness, but happiness seems to keep moving away no matter what.
And they cross each other on the street sometimes but they never notice.
Mael’s dad head is always down, on a frown, lost on bills and regrets and numbers.

Mael’s head is up on a big smile, his white coat as pure and clean as his mind.


2 thoughts on “Mael’s dad has no sons.

  1. Beautiful poem Lula. Is it just because I’m a man, but why does it seem sadder when fathers and sons don’t connect, rather than mothers and daughters. Maybe it’s because the sort of stereotypical man who doesn’t show emotions is such a farce, because those emotions are just suppressed and so it always seems like two men not connecting seems more tragic and pointless if they would just let themselves feel and be like a human is supposed to be.

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