Was it winter all the time?


Was it winter?

It’s so cold were you were born, over there in Europe.

I bet one bad winter could’ve made you permanently sad.


Was it your house?

Too big and too empty?


Was it your head?

Young and already so full?

The car crash?

The hospitals?

That fight that broke your front teeth?


Was it me?


You threw my perfume away.

You keep going down.

Your cards empty, your phone unanswered.

New addresses, smelly motels.


I’m still up a lot of nights, trying to answer.

Was it an old winter eating up your skin?

Making you see cold in everyone around you?

Or does weather and countries have nothing to do with anything?


Was it winter?


Or was it worst,

Was it me?


10 thoughts on “Was it winter all the time?

  1. Poetry is such a great form for dealing with those unanswered questions at the end of a relationship, and you express yourself always so beautifully. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with your writing, but I’m sure you know what life is like with a little walking 15 month old running around!

    Climate does impact behavior. Although probably not relevant to this situation, but studies show that people from climates that have a cold winter season are in general faster paced and the people more time conscious. Whereas those from tropical latitudes and have less seasonality are generally more laid back. Not overly concerned with time, and tend to live in the moment more. That’s on average of course. But it’s interesting to think about the different attitudes that two people from different climatic zones might express and whether it is a source of incompatibility or if opposites attract.

    I hope you and your daughter are well Lula!

    1. Haha really? so maybe i was not that lost after all. Those feelings are a bit old but i wanted to get them out of my head. Paula and i are doing great, living in Mexico.

      Nice to hear from you again! and to hear that your son is unstoppable! that must mean that he’s doing great. I kinda miss those times even if i was exhausted at the end of the day, i have a mini teenager now, wanting to get her nails done all the time.

      1. It is a fun age. I can definitely say that out of all the stages he has gone through so far, I am definitely going to miss this period. 🙂 So much interaction and excitement about everything. It’s such a healthy reminder to appreciate the simple things in life. 🙂

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