People say, people love to say…


This couple promised each other they would be together forever.

And they meant to, they weren’t lying, they really did.


They even built a house, a really nice one.

They had a pool, a big bed and a dog.

As the years went by they loved each other still.


They said forever and they meant to do it.

They built that big house, a really tall one, they were proud.

They were on its roof one day, the view was amazing and they got carried away.

They pretended they were birds and had wings, they closed their eyes and flapped their arms.

Only that for one of them they actually worked.

He rose.

He started to fly.

He went away.


It doesn’t matter which one of them it was, it can be anyone.

It’s simple luck.


People say forever.

And they mean it.

But it’s not always people who decide.


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