Kissing with closed lips


That was before, way, way before.

When drinking and driving was still a joke, before the people in our school picture started dying.

Do you remember that?

The sun used to walk with us.

Before our friends started going bald, before debt, before cancer.


We were underwater but we were never cold.

Do you remember how i loved you?

With a love that felt like honey.


Before relationships, we were just best friends.

We were just directing a film.

Finding out which parts we wanted to play.

We kissed with closed lips.


We couldn’t afford plane tickets.

But it didn’t matter.

All that time we were together

Our feet never touched earth.


6 thoughts on “Kissing with closed lips

  1. Now, this is one of the greats! I get a literary “poem” magazine and lately I feel like the Emperor Who Had No Clothes! As if someone is just bluffing, I want to say… Seriously, really?! These recent poems are a combination of random thoughts with a faint theme that feels more like a transients’ ramblings. THIS – however is a poem.

  2. A magnificent image, Lula, kissing with closed lips evokes such a longing for those carefree days before knowing, before expecting, before disappointing or being disappointed. It’s like you’ve taken harrowing and placed it between the parentheses of innocence and experience…beautifully written.

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