Pamela’s count down.


Pamela is about to have a baby.

Just one more month, that’s what the calendar says, so she waits.

The room waits, the crib waits, the small clothes already smell like sweet soap.

She waits, thinking the days will be over soon.

She has no idea yet.

It’s just a beggining.

She has no idea that she’s waiting to see a face, but that face will change every day.

She waits to hold him, but before she gets used to his shape and weight, it will change.

She will have keep waiting.

To hear him talk, watch him walk, for his next birthday.

Because parenting is a kaleidoscope and you miss a figure every time you blink.


She sits down and touches her stomach, she can’t hardly wait anymore.

Not knowing that after all that wait is over, and the room is empty.

She’s going to wish she had stopped time.


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