Before you cross bridges.


IMG_2046 (2)

Before you cross a bridge make sure to look left and right.

No cars, planes, boats or lovers intersecting?


No old dusty monsters falling from the sky?


No failed tests laughing at your feet?


Before you cross a bridge make sure you learned how to swim.

It’s important! Steps can get unstable

And alow the waves are crazy,

You fight or you get dragged back.


You don’t have to know exactly where it’d take you.

Only be sure there was nothing for you left behind.


Only essentials, no baggage.

The clothes, the shoes, the mind, they can be heavy.

An unnecessary memory can bring the whole thing down.


Cross bridges alone, always.

Foundations made by one never hold two.


Cross bridges, cross countries, cross yourself.

Everything in life is a bridge, don’t you know?

Even words,

Even love,

Even today, last night waves at us from the other side.


After you crossed them?

One last thing to do.

Find a good match,

Then burn them to the ground.


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