When the ocean comes alive.

I’ve always been scared of water, ever since i was a little kid.

The sea, storms, rivers, ponds, even the deep side of the pool.

As someone who was born in the desert, i guess it makes sense.


But 28 years have made me afraid of much scarier things.

So that fear got pushed to the bottom,

and it stopped ocuppying a place in my life.


Until him,

until the night when i put my head on his chest

and instead of a heartbeat i heard the water flow.


Is that why i’m so scared of him?

So scared to love him?


As someone with a desert inside,

i guess it makes sense.


Still, despite the power water will give him over me i stayed.


As someone who is tired of being afraid.

I guess it makes sense.


7 thoughts on “When the ocean comes alive.

  1. I also tend to equate water to people I meet who seem to have a great depth of emotion. Who appear to me as great souls. But I would definitely say that you do not have a desert inside. You are far from barren and empty. Besides the desert has its own beauty to offer the world. 🙂 But theoretically the water and desert should mix well…the water will have a greater sense of purpose, and the desert will feel the rush of new life. 🙂

    1. Also, you look incredibly glamorous in this photo. I guess I should get used to the fact that it is hard for you to apparently look bad in any photo. Perhaps you just don’t post those. lol

    2. Water people for me are the people that are “strong” out there, in the world, people that just seem to flow through life no matter what. Confident people i guess.

      I used to avoid them like the plage growing up, as the little socially awkward penguin i was they seemed like a different species to me, but now i’m drawn to them.

      You think? I hope they mix! i’ve never been with someone so different from me before.

      And thank you for the compliment but i do have tons of bad pictures!

      1. Well difference can be defined in many ways. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad. Depends what is different and what is the same, and I guess for different people certain differences don’t matter or make things more exciting.

        I guess I’ve always thought of a “strong” person not so much as someone who has flowed through life no matter what, but has met strong emotional challenges and has overcome them. So their may be times when they are weak, but they can rise from the ashes. Someone who seems unaffected by the harshness that life can throw at them, at least in my opinion, has had no real adversity to face, or doesn’t have a strong sense of compassion. Perhaps that sounds judgmental, I don’t know, but that’s just what my experience tells me.

        I would say the mixture works best when you realize how strong one must be to survive the desert. The desert is a test of one’s ability to persevere, be self-reliant, where every ounce of energy spent may help you survive but one gets very little bounty back from that energy. So it is with no small amount of strength to survive in the desert. Appreciate what makes each other strong and then I think you have the basis for a great mixture. 🙂

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