Whatever enough…


Wish i was mature enough…

Or maybe it’s stupid enough?

Or wise enough? Naive enough?

I need to find it.

Whatever enough i need to be to forgive you.

To stop this hate that keeps coming to my house like giant waves of water.

Breaking doors and windows to get in.

My home got so messy, my room a swamp, i need this enough soon.

Whatever enough i need to be to forgive you.

Before the flood gets inside me too.

And i’m forced to wear the hate for the rest my life.


9 thoughts on “Whatever enough…

  1. I know the feeling and it passes, but what I’ve found it takes as long to get over someone as you’ve loved them. At least that’s the way it worked for me. But your writing is so uttering honest that that will help you, I’m sure, to exorcise whatever unwanted emotions are swirling inside you. So write it and you will be free of it and also have some damn good poetry/prose as a result. And if the poems aren’t enough, then go to prose. You have the talent. Use it to turn emotion into art.

    1. It is really helping, writing some things has been painful but once i do it, i do feel like some of it left me and now lives there in the poems. You know? Like it’s not only mine anymore. I really appreciate your comments, they mean a lot, thank you for being part of my life even from far away. 🙂

  2. whetever the hurts, try not to carry them with you. Deiding to Forgive (no matter how difficult) frees us from bitterness and hurt that well up inside, which lead to a lack of Joy, or even ill health.

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