This is not gonna end well…


We are on the beach.

You, me, they.

They are here too, but they don’t matter.


It’s not summer but you smell sunny anyway.

And i had been so washed out that the salt and the sea feel alive.


We are on the beach and you say let’s go for a swim.

And i never learned to swim, but i follow.

We get in the water.

(What if we never leave?)


I’m in your arms. (How did i got here?)

I can’t swim, and the sea starts to feel scary again.

Still something tells me to stay. Your voice. The way hugging you feels like reaching a place.

We get deeper in.

Water all around, i close my eyes.

I can’t feel the bottom at my feet anymore.

Why am i doing this again? I can’t swim! I almost drowned before!



“This is not gonna end well” is the last thought i have as the water pulls us further in,

and i hold on to your back for dear life.


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