It’s about boats.


It’s about a boat, there were a lot of boats.

It’s about taking one.

You had the right adress.
(Here, read it, is right here)
But the day was wrong.

Where are all the boats going anyway?

Aren’t they all going the same way?

There’s a lot of boats but there is also a lot of people.

It’s about a lot of boats, a lot of directions, a lot of people.

A lot of questions but not much time.

It’s about having the right adress but the wrong day.

The day was wrong (here read) they can’t take you.

Wait, wait, wait for the next one.


It’s about boats, and about the people who waits for boats.

The harbor gets dark and the children go home.

And the people wait and wait, and wait.

And it’s about all of them. And how they died.

It’s about boats and how sometimes they never come.

It’s about an unforgivable sin: wait.


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