María spider and her spiderwebs.

lourdes denisse calleja avila

María is a spider.


With spiderwebs around her house, at the door, at the windows.

Spiderwebs in her eyelashes, around her fingers, between her legs.


You go in, you can’t get out.


Spiderwebs in her garden, in her cooking, in her voice.

So many of them, so close together, so sticky. More.


You get close, you get eaten.


Aren’t they enough already? No, more




Until the morning she tries to open her eyes but she can’t.

Her hands stuck together, her legs stuck together, her lips stuck together.

Her fingers, her nostrils, her heart.

¡Oops! Trapped.


Spiders die eaten by spiders María.

Alone, all alone, in their own spiderwebs.


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