The lost and the missing.

lula avila

This is not my picture anymore.

Not my cute donkey, not my mountains, not my sky, not my country.


That girl is not me anymore.

Not my hair, not my jacket, not my boots.

not my boy behind the camera, not my home.

Those things wouldn’t fit my suitcase.

I set them free and they stayed behind.


That girl is not me anymore.

And i try to make sense of the things she said and she wanted, but i can’t.


That girl is not me anymore and i worry about her and wonder where she is.


She was not with me when i took the plane.

She was not around when i landed.

She was not there when i had to take so many steps back it felt like i never started.

She is not here now.


What happened to her?


Did she simply dissapeared?

Is someone else looking for her, or am i the only one who knows?


Did she simply stayed forever trapped in that picture?

On the same windy day in the windy mountains?


Whatever happened to her.

I wish i could talk to her one last time and say goodbye.

I wish i could go back and tie her scarf around her tighter.

Just close her jacket all the way up and warn her…

That the wind is about to blow her away.


10 thoughts on “The lost and the missing.

  1. You are allowed to be what/whomever you want to be and its not up to others to keep you where you are not comfortable. You are who you are no matter what and thats what makes a person wonderful!! Love this!!

  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    I am wondering that a lot these days too…
    you gave a voice to those silent thoughts many of us have…
    I enjoyed your post…Thank you for sharing you
    Take Care…You Matter…

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