Beware of the monsters that don’t hide.




Beware of the monsters that don’t hide.

That are afraid of nothing.

Of the ones that look you in the eye.

Of the ones that don’t like the closet,

the ones that don’t stay under the bed, but sleep with you on top of it.

Beware of the monsters that don’t hide.

That know what happened to your wrists and still put their claws there.

That carry your secrets on their tongue to spit back at you if needed.

Beware of the monsters that once loved you.

They get angry easily,

They have years of reasons

and all the right weapons to kill…



13 thoughts on “Beware of the monsters that don’t hide.

  1. Personally I believe such people do hide. But maybe hide isn’t the right word. Perhaps just afraid or weak. Why would they spit your secrets back at you or claw at your scars if they weren’t afraid of feeling pain themselves. They’d rather hurt others than to be hurt by them. And afterwards they most certainly hide from the pain they’ve caused others, because to admit how horrible they’ve been would require them to really recognize themselves as monsters. Powerful poem.

    1. Hey sorry, just found your comment! haven’t been really active lately. Hope you are doing good!

      i guess it is a really weak move, hitting someone else exactly were it hurts, but i’m finding out that what is left once love is over, is a horrible thing. And once feelings are over is just better to stay away.

      1. Well no question there. I think that might have been the theme of the first thing I read of yours and we had a discussion. Sometimes what’s in the past is the past and revisiting such wounds are simply not worth the effort. Better to just leave things where they are and move on. I truly believe that there is some hurt that the only lesson to learn is “Let’s just try to avoid that in the future, because that sucked”.

      2. And fatherhood is going well thank you! He’s starting to eat solid food a little…he loves bananas and apple juice! I hope you are well too, and your absence from wordpress is only from good distractions. 🙂

      3. He’s just a week over 5 months…so much more interactive and attentive. Can start to sit up on his own for a little bit…he’s getting closer to being able to move! 🙂

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