A sweet minute for the lovers.


Was it really 20 minutes?

It seemed more like 5

Was someone listening?

The sky is falling down

I need your skin in mine.

It’s beautiful

Look at it!

Look at the gold in our hair, at the way we shine!

Look at the way my smile works when you touch it.

It’s beautiful! They will understand right?


Only they won’t

They never will.

The lovers and the world always fight,

They never win.

It’s 10 minutes.

It’s a free night.

It’s a day off.

It’s the root of the answers.

And the root of the sweetest lies.

It’s the lovers.

Is someone listening?

There always is.

It’s 60 seconds of forever.

A whole minute lost in time.

The lovers die loving.

The others, they die old, they die corpses.

And will never understand…


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