The old food, the old boy.



There is an old container of food in my fridge, so old i don’t remember what does it have or who left it there. So old i know no one will eat it anymore, but now is part of the fridge so i keep it.

There is a dress so old in my closet, it doesn’t fit anymore, it never will unless i get sick again and lose 30 pounds, Still i keep it, is part of my closet now, you never know.

There is a cat so old in my childhood house, that she already died 4 times, still we miss her and we get a new cat, who looks just like her, and we name her a similar name, and we treat her as if she were the same, and we don’t get another pet, we keep her.

And there is a boy in my head, so old i don’t remember what i loved about him, so old the memories are blurry, like a dirty mirror. So old i’ll never see him again, but i keep him anyway, now he is part of my heart, you never know.

And the boy, and the cats, and the dress and the food, i keep them all for the maybes.

And i can only hope they are not taking up important space…


8 thoughts on “The old food, the old boy.

  1. I think we hold on to things for a reason. For the memories they invoke perhaps. Because sometimes we need to take a break by thinking of an old memory to transport us back in time. Sometimes it may be because aren’t done with it. We need to reflect some more before we close the door and let go. And sometimes it’s just because something was so powerful that it leaves a strong imprint that is not so easily washed away. The first time you feel love…who can forget something like that? It’s so powerful that even if it ended in disaster or didn’t last very long, it was your first time feeling such a strong emotion. So I do think the things we hang on to are important (although maybe throw out the food. 🙂 )

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