Your brother needs some manners.


Your brother called me and he said don’t come. He said you think you want to see me, but you don’t really want to, he says I’m not good for you. He said I’m hurting you. And i laugh and wish I could open myself up and show him the inside of my heart and how your fingerprints are all over it from chocking it.

Your brother is only 23 and he thinks he understands us, he thinks he’s helping.

He looks a lot like you except he can’t grow a beard. He´s adorable.

He looks exactly like you except i’m in love with you, so for me you two couldn’t be more different.

Your brother thinks I’m crazy for doing this, he called me and said so.

Except your brother is not you, nor God, nor bigger nor strong enough to break the bridge you and me are trying to build between two worlds.

Your brother thinks we are crazy for doing this, and I can only smile and nod because i think is crazy too. I can’t describe it any other way. But i’m still betting my own life on it.

And i smile and nod because i’m not even sure this is going to happen, or if you’ll still want to jump to my side when it comes to choosing. But I need you to have the choice anyway.

Your little brother thinks we are crazy, and so does my sister, and so does the universe.

But I locked them all in a room and let their opinions fight each other, because they mean nothing to me now, because you put your arms around me, and you said it too, you said -this is crazy, but let’s try.


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