When boys are trains.


When I started loving you,

When you first entered my mind

Love for you was all over the place,

All over my head like splash in a painting

That fell over everything and all.


With time I learned to find it.

I would sit down at the same stop.

And your love would arrive to my mind

Like a scheduled train.

I knew the time,

I knew the place,

I knew where to find us.


I would wake up and find you,

I would be on the other side of the world and have you,

Always at that place,

Always on time,

Always on my mind.


But things changed.

One day I arrived and the train never came.

I refused to let you go.

I fooled myself, told me it was a mistake.

Something had kept you busy

You’ll be back, I’ll love you again.

I kept returning,

Kept waiting,

Kept camping in hope.


But your train was just not coming back,

Even if I chased, cried or reached the next station,

The rails were empty, already disappearing.

I had to close the doors and turn around forever.

Looking for more was hopeless.

Your train had already left my mind.


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