The things lost in the water.


These two little kids are playing at the beach.

They are best friends, they are naked, they are having the time of their lives.

They throw sand at each other, they run, they roll around and build castles.

Then they swim.


They both jump into the water and swim.

But the ocean gets one of them.

His dark water enters inside and eats his child heart up.

And when they both get out.

This kid comes out a man.


And they try to pretend nothing happened.

They try to keep being friends, but the man now has a men’s brain

And feet, and arms, and a body now too big to fit the castle.

And his brain too old to find any of it fun.

And the other kid does what kids do when they get bored,

He runs home.


But the man can’t run anymore so he walks,

And he sits at his children’s desk and does his first grade homework.

Then he has chicken nuggets for dinner and has to shave his beard for school the next morning.

and all the other kids stare at him and his too small clothes,

and feel uncomfortable and stay away from him.


And the kid/man tries to find an answer

He asks himself, he searches his own body

But all he can hear now is the ocean sleeping inside him.

The same echoes the inside of a conch make.


And his tears taste like salt, and the more he cries the more he grows.

And there will be no answers, for anybody, for a really long time.


5 thoughts on “The things lost in the water.

    1. Yes it’s prevalent, the things i write are rarely to be taken literaly. although sometimes pain does change us almost instantly. I agree with you It seems to me that each generation is growing up faster, and no one is giving this problem the attention it needs.

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