I remember the hungry


I remember Daniel, my first crush. I remember my pink bathing suit with a glitter heart. I remember summers in the desert that would fry eggs on the sidewalk. I remember hunger.

I remember hunger with my 5 senses. I remember how she walked, how she smelled, how she would push me and how she would wink at me from the mirror.

How I could see her everywhere, in everything. Hunger for trees, hunger for candy, for running, for the air, hunger for the princess in cartoons, and also for the homeless, hunger for the stars and for the tiny bugs that live in plants.

I remember how she sat on my brain and would punch a hole in the stomach of all my thoughts. Making me insatiable.

I remember feeling empty and hopeless, thinking I would die murdered by a hole.

Then i remember finding the hungry.

The hungry searched, traveled, studied, learned, and ended up at the same place.

The hungry never found food but they found each other.

The hungry couldn’t create answers, but they created a song.

The hungry will sing you a song from their music, their words, their experiences, their paintings, their sons, or maybe simply from their love.

The hungry know starvation is chronic, and they leave this earth even emptier that when they got here.

For they never really touched the world,

They used it as a bed to dream on it.

Then created another one out of their void.

If you find them, the hungry will feed you.

But be warned, all their food will do,

Is leave you longing for more.


5 thoughts on “I remember the hungry

  1. Thanks for following me because now I can follow you.
    You are really good. And I mean REALLY GOOD.
    I’ll have to come back later when I have more dead time at work and read more, but I have read enough now to know I’ll look forward to getting your posts in my email (I don’t always trust the WordPress Reader to being complete).
    Oh, and I like your red heels.

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