Valentine? don’t you mean, Appletine?


I was dumped a couple of days ago.

About a week before Valentines.

I refuse to talk about love, I refuse to think about love and I refuse to be reminded of love everywhere I look.

I also refuse to feel bad. February is a really nice month to let it be ruined.

Hearts also kind of look like apples. So I decided to play a game called “February is apple month”.

People everywhere celebrate the beautiful, healthy, glowing fruit that apples are. They wear apple red, they give each other tiny chocolate apples, they wear apples in their heads and then say to each other “Be my appletine”

And ¿All that kissing? ¿Hugging? ¿walking hand in hand? Well, with a little imagination those are awful cases of Siamese twins.

Zombies eating each other mouths.

Vampires showing off to each other their cool bite marks.

February is the month when all this 4 handed, 4 footed, 2 headed freaks come out of their caves to celebrate the birth and life of apples with all the other live beings of the earth.  And there is great rejoicing.

They buy gifts and go to dinner.

For the apples, it’s all about the apples.

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


12 thoughts on “Valentine? don’t you mean, Appletine?

    1. I agree with you, we didn’t even celebrated the day when we where together, and i don’t think apples need a special day to be awesome, it’s simply the fact that i’m trying to forget someone and there is a huge paper heart posted everywhere i turn that´s annoying.

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