Henry, king of chairs


Henry has no idea of how to fight. If the chance presents itself he will say he´s a pacifist and stay really far away. But truth is he grew up surrounded by love and women, 5 older sisters that made 6 mothers, they lovingly solved anything for him and now he has no idea, no clue, of how to stand up and fight back.

He grew up, and instead of taking a chance in the big, scary, competitive world, where you need boxing gloves to survive, he stayed home and helped out his sisters in their business, they all made chairs.

At around his thirties Danny came along, tall, beautiful Danny. She was blonde and bubbly, and a fighter.  A fighter for even the smallest of causes, a fighter for the lives of flies, the lives of ants, the rights of mice, the rights of Henry that still remained, to this day, in its original pack.

Danny would say, let´s go see the tulips in Holland, Henry would reply let´s plant some tulips in that pot.

Danny would say let’s run in the park, he would reply let’s buy an electric treadmill.

And she waited, she really loved him and she was patient, but the birthday when she got him tickets to Spain, and he claimed he couldn’t make it and sold them to make more chairs. She had to put het foot down. She said i’m leaving, follow me.

And something inside of him started going off, Adventurous Henry, libido Henry, daring Henry, brave Henry, ambitious Henry, love Henry, they all got together, they all got up from their tiny chairs from the first time and started yelling. Trying to do it so loud that it would get to his brain, so the Henry’s up there would wake up. Trying to make the kid finally a man.

But Coward Henry had a lot of experience and was clever, while they were busy discussing, he locked them all in the room and threw a grenade at them.

So at the end Henry watched Danny turn around and leave forever, while sitting in the huge, comfortable beautiful chair his sisters had made him.

And wondered where that burning smell was coming from.


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