This is not a break up, not this time


This was not a break-up, not this time.

Nothing got broke.

I’m not broken I’m better, and you are not fallen, you are stronger.

It was not a break-up, we were simply sewn together, after so many years eating, sleeping and breathing right next to each other, after so much time of my head resting on your shoulder it happened that we got glued by stitches.

But threads began to get loose, and instead of fixing them when they were small and it was easy, we started picking at them, that was the problem, we pulled them, pulling us apart.

It was not a break up it was a surgery. It started with Vodka Vs. Whisky, With “The driver is the DJ” when we only had manual transmission cars that I couldn’t drive, with me always being half an hour early and you half an hour late, with your football Sundays when it was your only free day, with you not understanding that killing a rat with my kitchen knife was not acceptable, with me forgetting what kind of milk you like and then forgetting your birthday that time.

Your friends Vs mine

Your music Vs mine

Your happiness Vs mine

It was not a break up, it was a really long and crappy movie but were too lazy to get up and change the channel so we just kept watching.

It was not a break up, nothing fell down and got broke, it was the opposite; we started building something, a tower of lies, resentment, secrets, and regrets. By the time we finished we were so far up the only way out of it was to jump. But I wanted to jump north and you wanted to go south.

And there were still a couple of stitches between us, still a thread from your heart to mine.

But we jumped anyway.

And it did hurt , the final rip.

The fall was long and it was hard to land.

I automatically turn to see if you are all right, but all i can see now is the gigantic tower we made, now separating us forever.

And if you landed okay, that I’ll never know.


19 thoughts on “This is not a break up, not this time

  1. “Rumi says just being in a body, and sentient, is a state of rapture, you know? Just being here is a cause for celebration. It’s our cause for grief, too. But grief is also a form of joy. The rose celebrates by falling apart, foil by foil, falling to the ground. And the cloud celebrates by weeping.” -from the movie, “I Am” 🙂

      1. I prefer wine NZ sauvignan blanc chilled not stirred. I was going to say I am so nice cos of all the shit and I know how it feels but no that is not true I was v nice even before all that. Shame the ex didn’t see nor appreciate. Threw me out with the rubbish, didn’t even put me in a black bag and no need for reclycing! But I am over it, really. He wasn’t worth it. I was a fool. But better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all and all that. Stay strong and stay you. You are lovely too.

  2. ps. yep an audience with Mama G. Now I feel a post coming on. Btw have I mentioned that I love those legs of yours? My daughter has long legs up to her armpit to die for. You see I’m height challenged.

    1. Oh wine would be perfect, living in France made me a wine addict! And thanks for the compliment, i always secretly wished i was shorter haha because mexicans tend to be short and i was taller that all the boys i liked, such a tragedy in my teens.

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