What is life?


Is being thrown into the cold in nothing but boxers and socks.

Is a warm and dry blanket when you are soaked wet.

Is playing “floor is lava” and really dying if you fall.

Is something that gets dirty, that other people spit on and you have to wash time after time.

Is something that gets dry and dies if you don’t take it to the sun.

Is an algebra problem being solved by children.

Or a kid’s game trying to be explained by adults.

Either way complete nonsense.

Is a cheating lover that you left, only to have him come back and seduce you again, hotter and sexier every time.

Is going to the supermarket to buy milk and getting out with eggs.

Is the day you find out your first love is getting married.

Is the sweet noises kissing makes.

Is playing lottery every day and never winning. Is buying a ticket once and getting all.

Is as big as the entire ocean, or as small as a glass of cold water when it’s summer.

Is the first time you stuck your hands under someone’s shirt.

Is someone you love surviving an accident.

Is a lemonade with a splash of vodka.

Is a bird or a snake, sometimes it escapes, sometimes it bites.

Is going to the club and finding the guy you are dating with someone else and slapping him and calling the girl a “slutty cow”

Is finding out the next day it was his little sister.

Is something that grows with you, that you need to change or it won’t fit, like clothes.

Is the sun shining over you every day, all the time, even if you forget about it.

Is hugging someone you love and getting goose bumps just from their smell.

Is the way all sounds stops the first time someone close to you dies.

Is fast and just passing by and it won’t slow down even if you try to bribe it.

Is on pot. lol

Is that time someone broke your heart and you got drunk and threw up/passed out/peed/cried all over your friends house.

Is the next day when you woke up and actually felt better.

Is now that you can laugh about it all.

Is spending hours baking a cake, only to forget to add sugar and it turning out vile.

Is someone waking you up Sunday morning with a kiss.

Is a boat that floats around you when you are drowning and won’t stop.

Is your grandmother’s warm hands.

Is your first pet and how fast you would run towards one another, just that, those seconds.

Is everyone you have ever met standing in line to buy the same thing.

Is you sometimes being early, sometimes the last in line, sometimes finding the store closed.

Is a game, that’s all i know, is a game and the only rule is never stop playing.

Is you and me, right here right now, you in exactly those pants, me in mine, you reading this words that i wrote for you to find them.


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