The Fernanda one man show.


Fernanda wakes up late

When the morning news are past.

Fernanda’s new year resolution,

Was to cut down her expenses

For a lipo by july.


Fernanda is 25, so that means dying!

Collagen milkshakes for dinner.

Fat burning injections now by 2.


Her chest is half plastic

Her hair is half hers.

The bone of her nose,

buried now with dinosaurs.


If I have a boy and she doesn’t, he’s an idiot

If she does and i don’t, what’s wrong with me?


Fernanda uses her phone to connect people to Fernanda,

The line is down the other way.

The Fernanda show is on 24 hours.

3 am emergency calls:

Whether or not to kiss this guy?


Fernanda has no bad hair days, she has one day self murders.

No fat days, just mental breakdown week.


Fernanda is a Fernanda addict

25 and an unhappy mannequin.


Fernanda is a Fernanda addict.

And her sad fate is already on her tomb.

She will die young and beautiful

of a deadly Fernanda overdose.


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