Love as a pair of shoes


Love as my dad big, brown moccasins, that were not my size.

Love as my mom size 5 small platforms, that were not my size.

Love as baby shoes, who need help to get tied, puzzle shoelaces who solve themselves away.

Love everywhere I look being worn and living.

Love as a voice explaining the teenage girl those golden heels are too high, The girl falling in the middle of the dance floor on her ass.

The girl crying with mascara raccoon eyes, while love, truly innocent, thinks it was all a good laugh.

Love as shoes getting old, lying pairless on the side of the freeway, in the trash.

Love as shoes everywhere, all sizes, ever changing, ever dying, ever new, love as clown feet, crocs, thongs, love as people with no legs, love as bare feet, raw.

Love as shoes inside our room, just as we left them.

Us sleeping on the mattress unaware.

Your love as freshly polished Prada’s, locked in their closet, heavy, safe and sound dreaming away.

Mine black combat boots, one on top of the other, clashing in to the wall, smelling the fire escape.

Shoes running different paths in the morning.

Love worn in opposite ways.


But, let’s pretend night is lengthier.

Turn off the light.

Let’s live in the dark.


Shoes and love, are easy to fool

Love and shoes can both close their eyes.

I know, you know, it’ll reach us, it’ll happen.

But lie to the shoes, make up some time.

I’m not ready to leave, not you, not yet…


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