Tell my heart to send me a postcard?


Uh, excuse me?

I don’t know how to tell you this but,

You have my heart living as an illegal alien in your country.

A country i’ve never even seen before…

With a language i don’t speak.


I swear I didn’t mean to let him go,

I even put a rope around his neck and tied him up to the bed post.

But I woke up one morning and he was gone…

(Hearts don’t mind distances, traffic, or anything because they like float, and stuff)



Hey how is he doing down there? It’s been over a month and i haven’t heard anything.

I know is summertime in there and there is a beach around.

Do you take it often, does he likes to swim?

You can put him on a leash and pretend he’s an ugly dog, no one will notice.


Try to be nice to him, will you?

Don’t get him drunk too often, he’ll get annoying and clingy, and will try to kiss you.

Which you new girl might not like that much.


Tell him to send me a postcard?

I’ll love to see how you two live down there.

Oh! or Havaianas, send havaianas, you can also send me flip-flops.

They’ll do.


Lie to him when you are going on dates, tell him you are going to the gym,

He’s the laziest ever, so he’ll want to stay home and sleep in one of your shirts.

Only to dream of you, probably,

UGH! he’s hopeless.


Just want to warn you that in a while he is going to start to dry up, like a plant.

It won’t happen all at once, it’ll take time.

But pieces will start falling off, he’ll get smaller.

And smarter too, he’ll strop trusting you.


He’ll begin to keep secrets.

To escape out of the window at midnight and party all night.

He’ll meet new people, make new friends, travel places, and your small house will get too boring.


And one day he’ll just be as tiny as a bug.

A tiny heart zooming around your head like a fly.

If you scare it away with your hands it just won’t leave.

Do me a favor? Be tougher, Keep trying…

Hit him with a broom, stab him, poison him,

Oh! tell him he’s fat! lol, that will make him cry,

Or ask him to help you change a tire and then run over him with your car.

Seriously, i don’t care how, use dynamite if things get hard.

Just get rid of it.

It’s so broken, so crumpled, so hurt, and to top it all it probably smells like you and speaks portuguese now.

I don’t even want it back.

Hell, Flush him down the toilet if that’s all you can’t think of.

Just E.N.D T.H.I.S.

And send me those postcards?

And pictures of you?

with no shirt on… maybe?

that’s all,thanks!


12 thoughts on “Tell my heart to send me a postcard?

  1. Realmente ya soy tu fan. Eres buenísima escribiendo, de una manera sincera, fluida y distinta; es como tratar de ver un lado diferente a la situación. Y bueno, precisamente con este escrito me siento identificada hoy. Ojalá él le diga a mi corazón que me mande una postal también. ¡Saludos!

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