Hey dad i got knocked up by a Jew


Hey dad, nice to hear from you

After all this time.

Me? I quitted school again

Yeah, that was the 5th.

No, no, not going back this time.

No, not starting a different one.

Since I kind of went and got knocked up.

So, yeah, I still have those “eating disorders things”

This bulge here is not health, is your grandchild.

Remember how you were afraid of other religions?

I went and got knocked up by a Jew.

I also went parachuting

Touched a crocodile, swam with dolphins, slept under the stars.

Got drunk with tequila in Mexico, with wine in France

And so drunk on sangria; I fell down on the mud in Spain.


Ruined a really nice pair of white pants.

Hey dad I kissed more boys than I can remember.

I got a tattoo, everyone hated it, then I went and got another one.

I quit a safe career to study literature,

And then I went and quitted that too.


Then I quitted your city,

Your house, your car, my safety blanket, I quitted all that too.

Hey dad, I got knocked up by a Jew

We fell in love with our feet in the ocean,

We fled the country, put our hands together and called it a home.

I learned a new language dad!

One you can’t understand…


Hey dad it’s been a long time, i was busy living.

While you were locked up in your dark room

Drinking your decaf coffee with fear

Hating the neighbors barking dog.

Praying for your crazy child to come home…


And hey dad i’m very sorry

But I’m doing it again.

Dad i got a new last name.

I’m giving you back yours.

Dad, I’m doing it again.

I quit.



28 thoughts on “Hey dad i got knocked up by a Jew

    1. Thank you, i was checking out your blog and i think we are being inspired by the same writers haha, the only one i haven’t read is Cesare Pavese, now i’m definitely going to check his work. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Being on the father side of things, this hits home. I am sorry for your pain. I am sorry for the pain I have caused and the times I fell short. At the core of it all, I love my daughters. I bet your dad does too.

  2. This is really touching to read.
    Truth or fiction, or both, I love the honest voice in this either way. It takes a lot of heart to write something like this.

    Thank you,

  3. ur posts are so frigging good.. you should get all of it in one bog book and get published.. they will sell like hot cakes.. love love love ur blogggggg ❤ ❤ Te Muchos.. I'm not sure if i wrote right lol

      1. yes yes yesssss… I will love to.. I’ve picked a few Spanish words here and there.. Gracias, puerto (not very sure), Si. lol i read a book recently. The hero, mighty hot and handsome spoke Spanish… i was swoooningg

  4. Stopped by to thank you for your like/follow on Shift Key and peruse your wonderful blog. I had to read this one cause I’m a Jew (well, a Jew who believes Jesus is the Messiah). In case your Dad reads my comment, I have to say – it wasn’t me. 🙂 Even so, I’ll stick with ya.

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