Arm waxer guy


So I noticed that his arms were hairless

And I though, “oh, he swims”

I asked him “So, you swim?”

And he said no.

So he waxed his arms for no reason,

To feel pretty, I guess.

This was the beginning of arm waxer guy.

He also wore speedos

They made him feel pretty I guess

Red, red speedos.

Once, after sex I told him his back was getting hairy,

He yelped like a llama and run to the mirror.

I thought he was gonna cry.

That time was funny.

He had a black BMW and an iphone,

And a thousand polo shirts

To feel pretty I guess

He would like his own instagram pictures

and his own facebook status

likes made him feel like a diva, I guess

Or maybe he forgets it was him that posted them, and then likes them


In the end with all his things, he felt so pretty

That he didn’t need someone else to remind him

So he dumped me.

Screw you, arm waxer guy.

Know what’s really hairy and you should wax?

Your heart.


… (I love you)


16 thoughts on “Arm waxer guy

  1. Your telling that guy his back was hairy is similar to what I do to women overly concerned about their appearance. I tell them their hair has split ends. It’s amazing how much that freaks them out. LOL

    1. Hi! hahah i obviously not, he was not a dick while we were together, just a pretty, waxer, boy, he dumped me, so i got upset and wrote this, but the loving came before the dumping. My bad, i guess, for liking boys with an ego bigger than themselves.

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