Should i dress up for my heart-break?


So, this guy called Victor was foreign. We were not really dating, friends with benefits but not really friends, not really that much, but not nothing, but i ended up crazy about him anyway. So, the guy was leaving soon, and while in my head i thought that maybe this meant that we should spent some more time together, in his head he decided to completely stop talking to me. So it goes.

So i got used to the idea that i would never see him again, and i knew he was dating someone else (a couple of someones actually), so i let it die. Until the day that i got an invitation to his farewell party. OF COURSE i had to go, how dare he? now i just had to go.

So as i began to get ready a few hours prior, this question jumped to my head, what does one wear in this kind of special cases? I had no idea, i was absolutely sure that seeing him would break my heart, should i dress up? a gorgeous red dress? try to look my best? or should i just wear jeans and make it look like i just don’t care?

This was my first idea:


(hair movements not included) So it’s kinda casual, kinda sexy, but the mini skirt worried me. Mini skirts and me don’t seem to get along. They seem to be under the impression that i’m sluttier than i am and hike up to my neck when i’m not looking.

option B:


sporty look! just leave what you have on, and include a cap, easy, comfy and might be great if things get bad, there is slapping and you need to run away fast. And afterwards you can go to the park and instantly feel better.

Then i had:


Bikini! it’s genius! guys just can’t break the heart of a girl in a bikini can they? Of course this only works if there is a beach around, otherwise it can be seen as “bad taste”. Also it kinda was winter, so in the end i went with leggins, and a long shirt, leggings are not that formal, not that casual, and everyone seems to be wearing them as pants this days, so why not.


the winner! leggings!

The see thru shirt was a BAD idea, as i mentioned before it was winter, and i was instantly cold the minute i got out of the car, and since this guy was in the middle of the slow and painful process of breaking my heart, when i asked him for a sweater, he said no, just to break it a little more i guess, they like to go full monty, this boys. Also if you are like me, being cold will make you extra grumpy and this might get the drama increased in a 20%. Not recommended, cover up girls.

But leggings did probed to be pretty great for the heartbreak, i give them a 8.8. I was highly satisfied, and plan to wear them again in similar ocations that might arise.

They were especially life savers at the end when thanks to them there was cero panty showing at the grand finale, this being the moment where i didn’t wanted to leave because, well i DID was kind of busy cursing him, but his new girl was getting annoyed at the legging girl stealing her boy, so he took me in his arms like a baby and carried me down the stairs of his house to help me hurry up with my exit. (Lovely, isn’t he?)

They were also awesome with mobility for the crying and running that continued. Girls, BIG parenthesis here, always, ALWAYS park your car close to the heartbreak point, running and crying for a block is girly, sad and kinda cute, running and crying for four blocks, is pathetic and will make the neighborhood dogs think you are a dying cat and follow you.

So all in all, i share you my learnings, casual is better, but don’t worry too much your heart will be distroyed in an equal way not matter what you wear. But a MUST DO is make up, wear tons and tons of make up, and red lipstick, the darker the better, that way in the goodbye hug you get to smear it all over his clothes. You are getting rid of me? Oh, cool, but your fancy shirt is going down with me forever sport!


12 thoughts on “Should i dress up for my heart-break?

  1. Oh, Lula … such a sad, bad story. Surely someone like you doesn’t deserve to have her heart trampled on by a mere schmuck? But then, that’s the way of the world, isn’t it? :-\

  2. I love your sense of humor. Great read. lol I am sure you have more than a few options when it comes to turning heads and breaking hearts yourself. And I don’t think people think too much about where they park in heartbreak situations so I hope more read this post. 🙂

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