Adi you died on a surf accident when you were 19. Of all the things you did in your short life, this was the bigger one, the one that made it to the newspapers. You just had to make the headlines one time before leaving didn’t you?

The thing I remember the most about that summer was how cold it was. It doesn’t make any sense, i was seeing all of you guys surf while tanning in my bathing suit, so it must have been hot. Still i can only remember how cold i was, the kind of cold that gets inside your bones and make you believe you’ll never be warm again. Memories are hard to understand.


We never formally met, so it’s difficult to find the words to talk to you. I was that girl at the polka dot bikini who went to the same beach that you for months. Remember? I was escaping my housewife life lying in a towel with a Vonnegut, and you were trying to find more life hiding at the bottom of the sea, because the one you had around you was not enough for you, i guess.

I noticed you first because while all the other surfers were taking the time to adjust their suits and measure the water, you would just run and jump into the water, like you had no time to lose,  like a child meeting the sea for the first time, how not to adore you?

You would wink at me every once in a while, while the stunning girl holding your hand wasn’t looking, you smug bastard, don’t you know you are just a kid? Still you would make me blush, you bastard.

They say ghosts can’t cross water, but what if you die inside it? Does that mean you can never get out? Are you still trapped in those waves even though is now winter, even though the water freezes?

But i don’t worry too much about you, you’ll probably make friends with the water spirits and they’ll let you cross, you are just perfect like that.


But just in case… if any of you happen to be around the Basque country can you please spread the word around? Tell everyone who visits the beach to leave an extra towel behind, to just leave it there lying in the sand, easy to see and easy to find. Adi has been inside the water for two years, he is going to need to dry up real good before he moves on to his next life, no one would be happy if a tall kid with a goofy smile went and got the stairs up to heaven all slippery with his big, wet feet…


6 thoughts on “Adi

  1. M. R.

    You are very good at this, you know, Lula? You write about public things in a personal way and give your readers things to think about. I believe your following will grow quite quickly … Complimenti!

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