Vinícius was born with his head being counted. 1,2,3,4.. Us! Only us! Always us! We are a team. We don´t move until the last one of us is standing, if one falls we all lie down.

There were always birthday parties, kisses and gifts at Christmas, a toast for every graduation, for every job offer, for every raise, vacations in Paris and New York, sky trips, a group of friends always calling on the phone and a beautiful girl on his arm in every event, hugs, encouraging words , hope, money, beauty, love and a bunch of other things people like me don´t understand.

Like most people who have always had love as a safety net, he has an extra strength, he has a little sun walking over his head wherever he goes, always shinning, always sure, always his head high, and I, with a little gray raining cloud was of course instantly fascinated by him.

So I followed him around when he would let me, when he would give me the time, trying to study him, trying to understand where this strength that moves him comes from, and why I am missing it?, and to see if maybe is not too late and I can still build some by hand. So I followed him, I squeezed him, I kissed him and I stripped him down but I just couldn’t find it.

Maybe is not a thing, maybe is a secret, and he knows it, and he could teach me, so i turned around to ask him, but he was already gone… There were a lot of people waiting for him.


His story doesn’t end here, but the rest of it is not mine to tell…


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