Alexis sold yachts, in the middle of a big city with no sea around, and he sold them good. Alexis was a salesman like some people are blonde, like some people are nice, like men are men and women women.

He woke up every morning, took one look at the mirror and would add up his price:

-hangover, eyes are puffy -1,000

-good hair day +500

-light dinner yesterday=flat stomach +1,000

Good. SOLD.

Alexis was always a salesman, 24 hours, no rest, he found me one Friday night and put his best skills to work. He and tequila made me believe he was the must have of the club, and he was my perfect size, and his blue eyes were the new black, he looked warm and I was cold, so I kicked love out, and I bought him…

Between other useless things I bought that year are leopard tights from ZARA and glittery golden eye shadow I’m never, ever, ever going to wear again.


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