Pavlo was born in the fullest, loudest of houses so, as a surviving instinct, before opening his eyes he had to open his ears, and that changed his life forever.

Noise took him by the hand in his first steps, and noise remained there when that house where he learned to walk fell apart.

Even now, as a man, he works with headphones and sounds, and the world comes to him through his ears, but a lot of things get lost in the middle, specially women, who don’t seem to understand that when music is your life you never get empty, and girl after girl drives herself crazy trying to make room for herself in a space that is already full.

I didn’t even try, but i was fascinated, and i stare at him, with all those songs, voices, music, all those melodies living and dancing around in his head since his beggining, a tune for every year, for every mistake, for every love. He is a living walking instrument with dark eyes and a two day beard, and i can only imagine what truly beautiful music will break out of him, for the girl who one day finally learns how to play him.


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