I am homeless


I am homeless

I took a nap in my car.

I woke up with an old man touching himself on my window.

I brushed my teeth in a park.

I’m homeless

All in this suitcase

Is all and everything mine.

Look how small it is.

Look how small i got.

I’m homeless and the city grew.

And the streets got wider

And my skin feels new.

And my friends are strangers.

All in this suitcase

Is everything i own.

I carry my life here, in my arms, you see

Had nowhere else to left it.

Did i forgot something?

It’s too late now,

The house is gone.

I’m homeless

It’s getting dark and i have no place to go

I’m homeless, i close my eyes.

Who am i kidding?

How can i be scared?

I always was.

About lula avila

hater gone lover, or working really hard on it.

4 responses to “I am homeless

  1. Very moving. Unsentimental and yet so moving. Well done.

  2. kingmidget

    Yep. Moving and real.

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