Mermaids don’t exist.


Mermaids don’t exist.

She listens.

She gets out of the water.

They don’t exist.

She looks in a mirror.

No tail.

She gets in the water, her legs, still legs.

She gets out of the water, legs.

The wolves learned to sing, the moon growls back.

They learned to sing, the ones that can.

But mermaids don’t.

They lost their voice.

They don’t exist.

She gets out of the water, her legs.

Legs all around, legs get old.

She forgets.

She gets old and legs get useful.

There’s diapers and leggos.

She cooks, she reads stories, she warms up bottles, she dances,

She cuts the crust off sandwiches, she gets tired.

She’s tired, but she knows, finally.

She kisses her daughter goodnight, her tail.

About lula avila

hater gone lover, or working really hard on it.

6 responses to “Mermaids don’t exist.

  1. Lovely post – but you know, “I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.” So hey, maybe they do exist!

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