It’s not about the milk! I yelled.


It was really late, the supermarket was about to close.

He was my boyfriend back then, he went.

I only asked him for milk.

I asked him for 2%

But he forgot and got soy milk instead.

And i got upset..

I yelled, and yelled and yelled.

He was like… whaaaat?

But i kept yelling.

I yelled “it’s not about the milk!”

It’s not about the milk!

You don’t listen to me.

You don’t pay attention anymore.

I feel like a stranger in my own house.

Am i talking to the walls? Am i? Am i?

Remember when you knew all the small details?

When you got me tulips because i hate roses.

When you cared.

Who are you now?

Who is this wrong milk buyer person?

Are we even in love anymore?

And i threw myself on the bed and cried.

I almost broke up with him.

I yelled “it’s not about the milk!”.

But it was!


I hate soy milk…


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hater gone lover, or working really hard on it.

2 responses to “It’s not about the milk! I yelled.

  1. Splendid musings of the things that thwart an otherwise decent day. Fine piece – as ever.

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