What if some incomplete puzzles are finished?


What if some incomplete puzzles are finished?

What if they feel pretty just like that?

What if they ripped out some pieces themselves?

What if they need that space for possibilities?

What if that is the only way they make sense?


What then?

Will the puzzle factories understand?

We need to talk about prices


We need to stop trying to get people for free.

We need to stop wanting to get them on discount.

Wanting to get all of them without giving anything.


We need to talk about prices.

Because we are paying too little for each other.

And too much for empty dreams.

So much that we run out of ourselves before reaching them.

So much that falling in love ends up in debt.


Nobody told you? We are at war.


We are at war.

War is falling from airplanes, calling on the phone, inside fridges.

We are at war.

War is at your front door. Maybe already inside.


We are at war.

War on the blackboards at schools. War walking her dog.

War when you put on your shoes, when you take them off.

One war, lunch break, another one.

All of us fighting, at least that’s how it seems.


We are at war.

I stare at the mirror for hours.


You killed the dragon, now what?


So you kill the dragon.

Then what?
Now where?

The people stop clapping and go home.
Ok, now what?
Should you call a cab?
Uh, who’s cleaning the mess?

Are you a hero or a murderer?
Who’s gonna take care of the dragon’s house?

Ugh, shoes full of blood
They won’t let you ride the subway.

You won the battle.
Then what?
Now where?

First step:
Throw your passport to the garbage.
For the dragon now lives in you.
And you are not the same.

When the ocean comes alive.


I’ve always been scared of water, ever since i was a little kid.

The sea, storms, rivers, ponds, even the deep side of the pool.

As someone who was born in the desert, i guess it makes sense.


But 28 years have made me afraid of much scarier things.

So that fear got pushed to the bottom,

and it stopped ocuppying a place in my life.


Until him,

until the night when i put my head on his chest

and instead of a heartbeat i heard the water flow.


Is that why i’m so scared of him?

So scared to love him?


As someone with a desert inside,

i guess it makes sense.


Still, despite the power water will give him over me i stayed.


As someone who is tired of being afraid.

I guess it makes sense.

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