You melted!

You melted. Just like a candle. Right in the middle of the kitchen.

Couldn’t it had been another room?

You just had to choose the wood floor…


You melted and we pretended you were still whole.

You kept watching TV, eating, we kept asking you for money.

You melted and it made listening to you harder, a dad on liquid state.


You were so small, you simply slipped outside.

Through the smallest gap under the door.

When people want to leave they transform to fit the exits.


And you left, and i was a kid, and i wondered…

And for years i hid under the pillow my fire hands.

Please don’t let me sleep.

lula avila

Don’t let me fall asleep.

I ask him.

I feel like i’ll stop existing if i close my eyes.

We are on a bed.

He has his side, his pillow.

He turns his head to look at me.

I never know what you mean, he says.

And it drives me crazy, because the sad spitting monsters are in the room, all around us, laughing, one right next to him!

And i point, but he groans and turns his head around.

We go to the zoo, and he doesn’t understand why i only want to stare at one animal the entire time.

But it makes more sense,

But he says it doesn’t.

I try to make him see, but he never does.

My thoughts reach his mind but don’t make the right shapes.

Maybe he can’t, maybe it works like that.

He has his pillow, i have mine, he has his world, i have mine.

And we lie down right next to each other.

Don’t let me fall asleep please, i say.

I feel like i stop existing when i close my eyes.

He sighs.

Maybe i don’t exist in his world either.


He turns his head around again,

But i don’t think he sees me.

Pamela’s count down.


Pamela is about to have a baby.

Just one more month, that’s what the calendar says, so she waits.

The room waits, the crib waits, the small clothes already smell like sweet soap.

She waits, thinking the days will be over soon.

She has no idea yet.

It’s just a beggining.

She has no idea that she’s waiting to see a face, but that face will change every day.

She waits to hold him, but before she gets used to his shape and weight, it will change.

She will have keep waiting.

To hear him talk, watch him walk, for his next birthday.

Because parenting is a kaleidoscope and you miss a figure every time you blink.


She sits down and touches her stomach, she can’t hardly wait anymore.

Not knowing that after all that wait is over, and the room is empty.

She’s going to wish she had stopped time.

Before you cross bridges.


IMG_2046 (2)

Before you cross a bridge make sure to look left and right.

No cars, planes, boats or lovers intersecting?


No old dusty monsters falling from the sky?


No failed tests laughing at your feet?


Before you cross a bridge make sure you learned how to swim.

It’s important! Steps can get unstable

And alow the waves are crazy,

You fight or you get dragged back.


You don’t have to know exactly where it’d take you.

Only be sure there was nothing for you left behind.


Only essentials, no baggage.

The clothes, the shoes, the mind, they can be heavy.

An unnecessary memory can bring the whole thing down.


Cross bridges alone, always.

Foundations made by one never hold two.


Cross bridges, cross countries, cross yourself.

Everything in life is a bridge, don’t you know?

Even words,

Even love,

Even today, last night waves at us from the other side.


After you crossed them?

One last thing to do.

Find a good match,

Then burn them to the ground.

What if some incomplete puzzles are finished?


What if some incomplete puzzles are finished?

What if they feel pretty just like that?

What if they ripped out some pieces themselves?

What if they need that space for possibilities?

What if that is the only way they make sense?


What then?

Will the puzzle factories understand?

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