Funny how songs change


Teach me again.

I promise i’ll really listen, i promise i’ll be quiet.

Repeat that song.

The one you used to sing when i was tired.

I was so young the last time i heard it.

I was so young when you died.

So young to remember your smile, or your smell.


Sing me that song, sing me your story.

Because no one was listening to you the day you died.

I couldn’t go to your funeral, i was so little.

They let me eat a lot of candy that day, i don’t remember being sad.


I don’t remember your face, only that you loved birds.

That you kept them outside a cage and still they stayed.

That they loved you back.


Sing me that song,

Because all the memories are gone now that i know you were unhappy.

Sing me that song, the real one.

All your birds are now dead, we grew up, no one will judge.


Sing the truth about you, about your screaming mind, the long nights, about everything.

Open up your cage, you’re free to go.

The lights we are not using.


The lights went out.

And everything inside the house: the pictures, the cribs, the birthdays.

They all went out with them.


Dreams only live as long as the dreamer wants.

I forgot the color we wanted for the kitchen.

The color for the tiles, the color of your eyes.

Dreams don’t try to find us once we let them go.

(They are smarter than us)

So i listen to them.

Once they were gone i was gone.


All those lights were on and i was not using them,

So of course i turned them off.

Nothing (No one) deserves to be wasted.

So i was brave.

I turned you off.

Kissing with closed lips


That was before, way, way before.

When drinking and driving was still a joke, before the people in our school picture started dying.

Do you remember that?

The sun used to walk with us.

Before our friends started going bald, before debt, before cancer.


We were underwater but we were never cold.

Do you remember how i loved you?

With a love that felt like honey.


Before relationships, we were just best friends.

We were just directing a film.

Finding out which parts we wanted to play.

We kissed with closed lips.


We couldn’t afford plane tickets.

But it didn’t matter.

All that time we were together

Our feet never touched earth.

The lovers have been lying again.


The lovers are lying again.

Not eating, sleeping less and less.

Staring at each other, questions alive in their eyes.

The lovers are lying pink lies, blue lies, nothing real.

Keeping a knive under the matress.

A fast car ready, a loaded gun at the goodbye.

Forgetting beds and hearts have windows.

And the world is looking in.

Life changing boots.


He said “You are looking at it wrong!”

Then he kicked my world with his dirty boots and made it spin around.

And at first i was mad.

But once it stopped moving the same things looked better, the same sun brighter.

His smile became a place on the map, something i could reach when i wanted.

And love was not a cage, not a number, not a house, not a rose.

It was movement, and it was all around us.

I buried my head on his chest.

“What?” He asked.

“I need to borrow your boots” i said “I’ve been looking at everything wrong…”

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